Monday, March 30, 2009

Here's another piece that kind of went with the previous post. Done for senior studio, was another part of the hunting game concept. Could still use some work and finessing but I'm leaving it alone for the time being.

I used photoshop with a scanned pencil drawing. I did get a comment about the anatomy but I had spent so much time on the drawing before that I was just not about to go back and fix it haha.

This piece and the previous one were really a part of my idea for creating interesting female characters for games that weren't wearing bikini armor/ass-less pants/and the like. I could start a big rant about this but I'm just going to link a really good article on the subject that I agree with on quite a few points. An interview with Sheri Graner Ray

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I guess since I have so much to catch up on and post of previous work + ongoing new work that I'll just throw things in at random.

For this one I used a pencil sketch, made some proportion alterations in photoshop and printed it on the Epson on some nice thicker paper. The line is Dr. PH Martins Concentrated Watercolor and the color is acrylic.

It was submitted to Creative Quarterly and got a merit award in the student Illustration portion. So it's featured in the 14th issue and that's really exciting!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ok if I'm showing some old work I guess I should also show all the little hand drawings I did. It was kind of my nerdy thing I did and people would have me draw on them and such. I don't know why I just really liked just carrying around my doodle on me and the way certain pens would do a weird bleed with my skin texture. It's kind of funny that I didn't end up tattoo crazy...

Yep. Well damn I sure wouldn't be cool doing this at 23 so I'm glad I chose to have the hand-drawing phase at the right was also the moment to have green hair and a mohawk. It was worth it.

So this will be my first blog post ever. I feel a little silly about it, I used to have a livejournal ages ago and it was just horrible because I would write things and then regret what I wrote and delete it, so this time will be different....I will at least post something!

I'm going to type my name Heather Paske here because it makes my blog appear in a google search...well shit isn't that the point of this?

To go the simple route I will start this off by posting my old work from high school! I think it's just a part of my personal history and maybe gives a little insight as to where i started and how my work has evolved.

I basically just did a lot of drawings with ballpoint and pencil. In my art classes my teacher really pushed me to try all kinds of new things, I got a little crazy with the watercolors clearly. Oh man that reminds me that when I took this summer class at the Mt. Clemens Art Center we had to enter work to this contest thing for the show we put on and I won an honorable mention or something for a watercolor I did. There's all these little kids and parents and they announce that it goes to "Head Wound" hahahaha, oh my god it was hilarious. Shit I thought it was a good Oh emo days.