Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jamython available for purchase!

So hooray! My artwork is now officially published in a novel Jamython written by Kirsten Laulainen! There are 8 pages of illustrations I did for the book (just fyi I did not do the cover art). I previously posted a preview of the art and some words about my experience working with Kirsten on this project.

I am excited to soon receive my copy of this book and would gladly recommend it based on the excerpts I was able to read as inspiration for the art. "This is not just another vampire story...it is [a] shot to the head. Don't think twice."

You can get your copy through:
Dog Ear Publishing
Barnes and Noble

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Photoshop Rework

So I decided to grab an old sketch and use it to practice some Photoshop painting. I normally keep all the pencil line and paint underneath it mostly but for this I'm painting on top of it just to work on a more painterly Photoshop style and experiment with color and brushes/textures.

This piece had been painted in acrylic but I think I kind of killed the fun of the initial sketch. So here's my start for the second attempt!