Monday, August 30, 2010


Drawings from a great Dr. Sketchy's last night! We had 4 inexperienced hot models and they did an amazing job! It was a publishing theme, it was quite fun, and I got some good figure practice out of the deal.


  1. Man I need to do more live drawing...

    And those frames. I can get some :)

  2. The Portland Dr. Sketchy's has been really cool, so it at least keeps me doing some life drawing once a month! You should definitely check out the Detroit one someday.

    Well since I live all the way in Portland, OR I was mostly just curious! I don't know if the place you get them at does shipping or online orders...but if you could email me any info I'd love to know more!

    Drawback of moving somewhere...I am still finding my feet in the way of art supplies/frame shops/print shops!