Monday, December 28, 2009

Title 1

Did some quickie color on this for fun today. Zombie lass.

And this one is a sketch I am working on for a collaborative piece between me and my twin (also named Heather Renee..!) Heather Steele - she is pretty much a digital painting badass. Anyway this is just a fun little piece based on our female gamer opinion about the lack of heroic female character design. So this is just our reversal to the current dynamic seen in the majority of games out there, even though it feels like it's our little inside joke and we're the only ones laughing...but I am not going to settle for Arkham Asylum sexing up Harley-Quinn! Bring me back Batman the Animated Series!

Still has a ways to go, I know that dude on the right is looking pretty lame but he is going to be a hot jungle man by the time I am done(those are going to be some sexy throwing knives tied to his leg). Might be some time before we finish this (we both are doing the Art in Hand Portland Project as well) with other obligations but it will find it's way to awesomeness I promise.

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