Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I still need to learn how to size pictures the way I want...and post youtube video but oh well for now. Here's a nerd post of my World of Warcraft mage, made her 4+ years ago: 80 Troll Mage named Shatner and I totally stole this proto-drake from a 79 alliance druid and it was gold. I may be quitting this game soon because...it just gets monotonous after a while and a bit life-draining. Plus I have to pick up the new sims soon to try out. I must say the graphics in this game have really gotten amazing over the years, they do know how to keep their monster going...


  1. hurray for your new site and blog! i shall stalk it frequently! i'm still on wow too, but this weekend have been geeking out on the new sims. i assume you have it. its lovely, i think. grats on your time-lost drake!

    best of all best things, ~krista.

  2. shit I don't know how to make this a reply hah, if that's possible...but yes I did get sims and have been playing it lots! I hope you're doing well! I should have your email around here somewhere...are you still in FL?

  3. Unfortunately I am indeed still in Florida under duress! Someday I'll get out, hopefully. I'll email you so you have mine. I'm loving the Sims, only I can't get my males to not look like Neanderthals.